Manage Quotes

Providing quotes plays an essential role in the sales cycle. Therefore,
it should be easy to build a quote and provide it promptly to your client.


The quote should be able to contain the information that your company needs to share.
  • Up to 50 unique templates can be configured and utilized.
  • You can add details such as item images, contact information, and more.
Efficient quotation management through real-time delivery
  • Easily send quotes via email to your clients.
  • You can confirm when a client receives the quote and view past quotes for future reference.
Facilitates convenient and detailed management through linkage with related tasks.
  • You can use the content of a quote to create an order without rekeying information.
  • You can easily check the order status and the quantity of the order in comparison with what was initially quoted to the client via reports and status logs.