Sales Order Management

In order to efficiently manage stock inventory,
it is necessary to organically link the quotation with the order and issue the products.


Order forms with information intact
  • You can set the input fields, list options, and order form to your preference.
  • Content written on the input screen can automatically be reflected onto the list screen and print-outs.
You'll easily be able to manage your sales tasks.
  • You can create an order form automatically by importing the content of the quotation.
  • Link with various business processes related to stock and production such as sales, purchasing, ordering, and job orders.
  • You can establish an efficient decision-making system for the ordering process by linking with other functions such as payment instructions, delivery dates, attachments, and more.
No more phone orders. Online ordering system available now.
  • You can view orders entered in the online ordering system in real-time.
  • The content of the order entered by your customer will appear on the CS tab of the order list.
  • You can share order progress by setting approval flows for each order entered by your customer.