Sales Slips

Your sales pipeline needs an efficient solution for managing sales activities.
With ECOUNT ERP, you can quickly quote a customer and submit their orders in seconds.
Once their order is ready, simply send them an email and you're all set.


Automatically generate documents and issue them immediately.
  • You can generate a sales document and issue it right away.
  • Set the desired period as well as well number each transaction so you can quickly generate transactions in batches.
Take advantage of our advanced documents and template configuration options for your company.
  • In addition to the standard transaction forms, you can design a variety of templates for your company.
  • Freely add and print items you wish to display on the document such as billing and accounts receivable information.
Easily issue sales documents to your clients
  • Printing and sharing is done in real-time through various options such as email.
  • You can attach the transaction document to an email or download the PDF version.
  • You can also send a transaction statement via mobile app when away from the office.