Security FAQs

Security FAQs

Q: How is company data secured?

A: ECOUNT understands it is paramount that client information is kept secure. Data encryption is used to keep data secure while using the ECOUNT ERP software. All ECOUNT servers are in a data center with:
  • 24-hour security
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Real-time scanning
  • Firewall
  • Temperature control
  • Personnel security
Please visit the Data Security page to learn more.

Q: How often is the data backed up?

A: The data is backed up every day on at least two different servers. Visit our Data Backup and Recovery page for more information.

Q: Who can access my company data?

A: The amount of employees with access to the information is extremely limited. They can view the information on the servers, but they don’t have access to the servers.

Q: Can I set authority-based access on the ERP software?

A: Yes. It is very easy to set authority-based access for the users.

Q: What application controls are on the ERP software?

A: Data security is extremely important in ERP software. The program has:
  • IP address restrictions to block unauthorized computers from accessing the system
  • Requires new passwords on a regular interval to maintain security
  • Login certificates for special user accounts
  • Time restrictions to prevent users from logging in during off-hours
  • Account lock after unsuccessful login attempts.